The RandyBoys

When two award winning songwriters, Randy Palmer of Amarillo, TX and Randy Brown of Mineola, TX met during the weekend in Kansas City a couple of years ago, the results of their first co-write was titled High Plains. From the very first it was clearly evident that the two were destined to write together. Palmer’s down home, family focused songwriting blends perfectly with Brown’s philosophical and poetic approach. Sometimes the result of a collaboration is greater than the sum of the parts and this is certainly one of those situations. Tagged by mutual friend Charlie Stewart of Handshake Management as the RandyBoys, the name instantly stuck. So what do you get when the high plains meet tall pines? You get Americana/Folk songs, expertly crafted with both heart, mind and a sense of place, delivered with soul, grit and honesty. 


Randy Palmer - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals and Songwriting

Randy Palmer has performed folk/country since 1967, focusing on songwriting, guitar and solo and band projects. He received his bachelor’s degree in Radio/Television/Film from Baylor University and is a member of the Texas Folk Music Alliance and the Folk Alliance. He earned finalist in the 2011 and 2016 New Folk Songwriting Contest at the Kerrville Folk Festival. Palmer also earned three ADDY Awards for his advertisement jingles for Palmer, Meader, and Holmes. He taught songwriting workshops for the Panhandle Professional Writer’s Association in 2010 and 2011 and has been a guest lecturer on songwriting for Amarillo College’s Creative Writing Program since 2008. He released his first record, Fighter by Nature, in 1975 on RoRo Records. He released his second record, Calling Me Home, in 1979 on Heartland Productions. He has just released his newest album titled 'Waterline'. 


Randy Brown - Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals and Songwriting

Take US80 east out of Dallas and you will see the black land and post oaks give way to sandy loam and tall pines. When you have crossed that gradual boundary you have entered the land known as the  East Texas  Piney Woods or semi-affectionally a the “Pine Curtain". This is an area not fully the "Deep South" and not fully Texas. Just outside of the town of Mineola, a few miles past the piney border resides Randy Brown ( AKA BrownRandy to differentiate himself from all the other Randy Browns in the music biz), the purveyor of equal parts; hard truth and bald faced lies. He won't tell you which is which but will instead leave that I the listener to discern. 

BrownRandy is an award-winning East Texas-based singer-songwriter and storyteller as well as a self- proclaimed “performing philosopher” bent on deciphering the intersection of spirit, faith and science with a sense of wonder and whimsy in smartly clever folk-Americana-style songs and stories. Laced with down-home imagery, his lyrics delve into such offbeat topics as quantum mechanics, talking to extraterrestrials with a flashlight, and testosterone poisoning. Brown, who accompanies himself on guitar and mandolin, describes his music as “Charles Darwin meets Guy Clark and Van Morrison at an MIT barbecue in honor of Albert Einstein’s birthday.”