High Plains

Randy Palmer
R Palmer & R Brown


This is the first song written by the RandyBoys, Randy Palmer and Randy Brown found themselves at a conference in Kansas City in 2014 and decided to write a song. 


HIGH PLAINS by Randy Palmer and Randy Brown 

My headlights are looking forward
To the Oklahoma border
Leaving Arkansas and all these trees behind 
Gonna roll across theses ranges
Wide empty spaces
Down gravel roads to peace of mind 
These wheels are pointed westward
Through the scrub oak and the red dirt
To the acres my Great Grand Daddy claimed 
It's a farm, a family, good hard red winter wheat
Everyone knows my name, Out on the High Plains 
Each mile along this road Takes to where I belong 
On the High Plains 
White lines slap the rhythm
To a new verse being written
To the song I've been singing all my life There is no mystery
I did not fit Tennessee,So I'm on my way to clear blue sky 
Look across the horizon
You might see a dust cloud rising Behind a 1999 beat up Ford
My name is on the mail box, My key fits the door lock
My favorite chair is on the porch On the High Plains 
 Without those city lights
Milky Way's gonna shine so bright 
This blind man might receive his sight Once again
On the High Plains