White Dog in the Sunshine

Randy Brown & Randy Palmer
R Brown and R Palmer


Inspired by a morning walk at Rocky Mountain Lodge on the Conejos River is southern Colorado. A friends dogs, 2 black labs (Touson and Vegas) and his white lab (Dallas - who recently passed away) were lounging one morning. The 2 black dogs in the shade and the Dollas in the sunshine. The chorus was written before I got 100 yards away. I played the song minus the bridge for Randy Palmer and 10 minutes later he had the bridge. 


White Dog in the sunshine by R Brown and R Palmer

Black dog in the shade
White dog in the sunshine
Everybody needs a place
Some space where they can feel fine
Black dog in the shade
White dog in the sunshine 
Been a square peg looking for a round hold way too long
Seen lots of sad faces in places, I don't belong
Ole black’s got is make in the shade of his cottonwood tree
He found his spot, I want to find one for me
Dallas is sleeping, ain’t doing nobody no wrong
He is fine in the sunshine, know right where he belongs
Square peg’s tired of lying and trying to be somebody else
If I can’t be a round peg, guess I’ll try being myself 
In the life we only get one chance
So find your spot and get out there and dance…